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Magnitude Ml 2.4 earthquake strikes NEVADA. The quake was at a depth of 8 km (5 miles).

Sat 29, 2022, 08:19:26 UTC - World Earthquakes Live

A minor shallow-focus earthquake of Ml 2.4 struck NEVADA region, on Saturday, at a depth of 8 km (5 miles), the World Earthquakes said.

The earthquake was located at the latitude of 38.25 °N and longitude of -118.36 °W.

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Map of Ml 2.4, NEVADA earthquake, zoom:1

Ml 2.4, NEVADA
Lat:38.25 °N ,Lon:-118.36 °W, Zoom:1

Map of Ml 2.4, NEVADA earthquake, zoom:3

Ml 2.4, NEVADA
Lat:38.25 °N ,Lon:-118.36 °W, Zoom:3

Map of Ml 2.4, NEVADA earthquake, zoom:5

Ml 2.4, NEVADA
Lat:38.25 °N ,Lon:-118.36 °W, Zoom:5

Map of Ml 2.4, NEVADA earthquake, zoom:7

Ml 2.4, NEVADA
Lat:38.25 °N ,Lon:-118.36 °W, Zoom:7

# City Code Country Direction from epicenter Region Distance from epicenter
1LuningNVUnited States United StatesNorth-EastNevada19.64 km
2MinaNVUnited States United StatesNorth-EastNevada26.23 km
3HawthorneNVUnited States United StatesNorth-WestNevada49.84 km
4BentonCAUnited States United StatesSouth-WestCalifornia56.53 km
5Lee ViningCAUnited States United StatesSouth-WestCalifornia59.18 km
6DyerNVUnited States United StatesSouthNevada68.01 km
7June LakeCAUnited States United StatesSouth-WestCalifornia78.88 km
8Mammoth LakesCAUnited States United StatesSouth-WestCalifornia81.53 km
9SchurzNVUnited States United StatesNorthNevada83.70 km
10SilverpeakNVUnited States United StatesSouth-EastNevada83.91 km
11Mammoth MountainCAUnited States United StatesSouth-WestCalifornia85.65 km
12BridgeportCAUnited States United StatesWestCalifornia87.56 km
13GabbsNVUnited States United StatesNorth-EastNevada87.84 km
14BishopCAUnited States United StatesSouthCalifornia92.30 km
15YeringtonNVUnited States United StatesNorth-WestNevada94.82 km
16GoldfieldNVUnited States United StatesSouth-EastNevada97.85 km
17ColevilleCAUnited States United StatesWestCalifornia101.12 km
18WellingtonNVUnited States United StatesNorth-WestNevada102.46 km
19TopazCAUnited States United StatesWestCalifornia112.18 km
20Big PineCAUnited States United StatesSouthCalifornia113.44 km
21SmithNVUnited States United StatesNorth-WestNevada114.82 km
22ManhattanNVUnited States United StatesEastNevada116.94 km
23Round MountainNVUnited States United StatesNorth-EastNevada117.15 km
24OakhurstCAUnited States United StatesSouth-WestCalifornia117.39 km
25Mono Hot SpringsCAUnited States United StatesSouth-WestCalifornia117.77 km
26GardnervilleNVUnited States United StatesNorth-WestNevada121.94 km
27Yosemite VillageCAUnited States United StatesSouth-WestCalifornia122.07 km
28DardanelleCAUnited States United StatesWestCalifornia128.95 km
29PinecrestCAUnited States United StatesWestCalifornia129.27 km
30Shaver LakeCAUnited States United StatesSouth-WestCalifornia130.29 km
31Yosemite National ParkCAUnited States United StatesSouth-WestCalifornia130.41 km
32LakeshoreCAUnited States United StatesSouth-WestCalifornia131.93 km
33MindenNVUnited States United StatesNorth-WestNevada133.06 km
34MatherCAUnited States United StatesWestCalifornia137.19 km
35MarkleevilleCAUnited States United StatesWestCalifornia137.51 km
36Long BarnCAUnited States United StatesWestCalifornia137.56 km
37Big CreekCAUnited States United StatesSouth-WestCalifornia139.47 km
38GrovelandCAUnited States United StatesWestCalifornia142.17 km
39Fish CampCAUnited States United StatesSouth-WestCalifornia142.45 km
40FallonNVUnited States United StatesNorthNevada143.03 km
41StrawberryCAUnited States United StatesWestCalifornia143.07 km
42Bass LakeCAUnited States United StatesSouth-WestCalifornia144.54 km
43El PortalCAUnited States United StatesSouth-WestCalifornia144.78 km
44North ForkCAUnited States United StatesSouth-WestCalifornia144.90 km
45DaytonNVUnited States United StatesNorth-WestNevada149.37 km
46Silver SpringsNVUnited States United StatesNorth-WestNevada149.66 km
47WishonCAUnited States United StatesSouth-WestCalifornia150.99 km
48IndependenceCAUnited States United StatesSouthCalifornia153.02 km
49StatelineNVUnited States United StatesNorth-WestNevada155.12 km
50AhwahneeCAUnited States United StatesSouth-WestCalifornia155.34 km
51GenoaNVUnited States United StatesNorth-WestNevada155.66 km
Pref Time Source catalog Auth Rms Lat Lon Azimut Smajor Antype Loctype Sminor Maxdist Mags Gap Source Mindist Stime Evtype Ndef Depth Nsta
2022-01-29T08:19:26.3ZEMSC-RTSNN0.1838.25-118.36mi2.42ml 2.4, nsta:1260ZWEQS0.12ke40824
2022-01-29T08:19:25.7ZEMSC-RTSNN0.2538.26-118.35ai1.89ml 2.4, nsta:1563ZVXWB0.12kn251025
2022-01-29T08:19:26.2ZEMSC-RTSNN0.1138.25-118.36mi2.42ml 2.4, nsta:463ZWEPU0.11kn231012
Sta Datetime Evaz Detchar Direction Slow Dist Timeres Adef Picktype Snr Amp Phase Sdef Azim Azres Id Sres Tdef

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