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Structural damages of L`Aquila (Italy) earthquake
Authors: H. Kaplan, H. Bilgin, S. Yilmaz, H. Binici, A. Oztas
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4.59MB 1589 1589 views

The April-May 2015 Nepal Earthquake Sequence
Authors: Gavin Hayes, USGS
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10.32MB 1695 1695 views

Earthquake Magnitude Scales
Authors: James P. McCalpin
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1.46MB 18829 18829 views

How do I read a seismogram?
Authors: IRIS
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1.39MB 24647 24647 views

Effects of the December 2004 Indian Ocean Tsunami on the Indian Mainland
Authors: Alpa Sheth, Snigdha Sanyal, Arvind Jaiswal, Prathibha Gandhi
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4.29MB 14588 14588 views

After the Tsunami. Rapid Environmental Assessment
Authors: UNEP
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9.34MB 18383 18383 views

Managing Tsunami Risk in the Aftermath of the 2004 Indian Ocean Earthquake & Tsunami
Authors: CGS
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4.88MB 14989 14989 views

Static Stress Changes and the Triggering of Earthquakes
Authors: Geoffrey C. P. King, Ross S. Stein, Jian Lin
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2MB 4658 4658 views

Premonitory slip and tidal triggering og earthquakes
Authors: David A. Lockner, Nick M. Beeler
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51.56MB 16948 16948 views

Earth Tides and Earthquake
Authors: Tarek Kansowa, Adrian Tatnall
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0.42MB 2289 2289 views

A new application of Benioff Graphs and Wiener Predictive Filter to forecast Vrancea (Romania) earthquakes
Authors: Dumitru Enescu
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0.42MB 2496 2496 views

An assessment of the damage potential of romanian Vrancea earthquakes
Authors: Iolanda-Gabriela Craifaleanu
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1.97MB 2253 2253 views

Slip distribution of the 1928 Chirpan and Plovdiv main shocks and earthquake triggering
Authors: V. Karakostas, E. Papadimitriou, D. Gospodinov, B. Ranguelov
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0.74MB 2301 2301 views

Seismic hazard, vulnerability and risk for Vrancea events
Authors: Dan Lungu, Cristian Arion, Alexandru Aldea, Radu Vacareanu
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3.51MB 2049 2049 views

Variability of Near-Term Probability for the Next Great Earthquake on the Cascadia Subduction Zone
Authors: Stephane Mazzotti, John Adams
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0.25MB 2502 2502 views

Collaborative research and Lessons for future earthquake risk reduction in Romania
Authors: D. Lungu
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8.39MB 1991 1991 views

Map of probable locations of future earthquakes for The Iberian Peninsula, the Balearics and Canaries
Authors: Alvaro Gonzalez Gomez
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0.63MB 2429 2429 views

Preparing for Earthquakes: Where India Stands
Authors: C. V. R. Murty
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0.13MB 1895 1895 views

Next-Level ShakeZoning for earthquake hazard definition in the Intermountain West
Authors: J. Louie, W. Savran, B. Flinchum, G. Plank, G. Kent, K. Smith, S. Pullammanappallil, A. Pancha, W. Hellmer
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2.79MB 2072 2072 views

It`s rockin` and rollin` in California
Authors: -
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0.13MB 1839 1839 views

Implications for Earthquake Risk Reduction in the United States from the Kocaeli, Turkey, Earthquake of August 17, 1999
Authors: USGS
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5.63MB 1931 1931 views

Major active faults of SW Bulgaria: implications of their geometry, kinematics and the regional active stress regime
Authors: Markos D. Tranos, V. G. Karakostas, E. E. Papadimitriou, V. Kachev, B. Ranguelov, D. Gospodinov
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0.64MB 1896 1896 views

A new statistical model for Vrancea earthquakes using prior information from earthquakes before 1900
Authors: P. van Gelder, D. Lungu
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1.4MB 1956 1956 views

Long-term observation of slow slip events for assessing earthquake generation models using borehole and cabled seafloor observatories
Authors: Toshinori Sato, Hisao Ito, Masanao Shinohara, Reiji Kobayashi, Yukari Kido, Hajime Naruse
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0.14MB 1921 1921 views

Romanian seismology - historical, scientific and human landmarkers
Authors: Florin Radulescu
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0.27MB 1984 1984 views

Seismicity studies for Fagaras seismogenic region (Romania), an important step in seismic hazard evaluation
Authors: I. A. Moldovan, O. Bazacliu, B. D. Enescu
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0.38MB 2086 2086 views

Source Processes and Spectral Ground Motion Models of Intermediate-Depth Vrancea (Romania) Earthquakes
Authors: Adrien Pierre Henri Oth
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10.82MB 1756 1756 views

Exploratory analysis of marked poisson processes applied to Balkan earthquake sequences
Authors: Dragomir Gospodinov, Renata Rotondi
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0.29MB 1886 1886 views

Statistical Analysis of Triggered Seismicity in the Kresna Region of SW Bulgaria (1904) and the Umbria-Marche Region of Central Italy (1997)
Authors: D. Gospodinov, R. Rotondi
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0.37MB 1844 1844 views

An investigation of the significance of local site effects in Plovdiv, Bulgaria
Authors: Aleksandre Kandilarov, Kuvvet Atakan, Jens Havskov, Dragomir Gospodinov
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1.09MB 1790 1790 views

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  • January 14, 2018:
    Mw 7.1 in PERU
  • January 10, 2018:
    Mw 7.6 in HONDURAS
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  • 02. INDONESIA (4.75%)
  • 03. SOLOMON ISLANDS (4.57%)
  • 04. VANUATU (4.55%)
  • 05. CHILE (3.83%)
  • 06. MEXICO (3.8%)
  • 07. CALIFORNIA (3.76%)
  • 08. LOYALTY ISLANDS (3.67%)
  • 09. INDIA (2.99%)
  • 10. PERU (2.91%)
  • 11. ALASKA (2.87%)
  • 12. FIJI (2.74%)
  • 13. ECUADOR (2.18%)
  • 14. KURIL ISLANDS (2.07%)
  • 15. PAPUA NEW GUINEA (1.94%)
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  • 02. SATURDAY (14.6953%)
  • 03. TUESDAY (14.6057%)
  • 04. FRIDAY (14.5161%)
  • 05. MONDAY (14.2473%)
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