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Magnitude Ml 2.0 earthquake strikes NEVADA. The quake was at a depth of 9 km (6 miles).

Sat 29, 2022, 04:43:13 UTC - World Earthquakes Live

A minor shallow-focus earthquake of Ml 2.0 struck NEVADA region, on Saturday, at a depth of 9 km (6 miles), the World Earthquakes said.

The earthquake was located at the latitude of 38.18 °N and longitude of -117.79 °W.

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Map of Ml 2.0, NEVADA earthquake, zoom:1

Ml 2.0, NEVADA
Lat:38.18 °N ,Lon:-117.79 °W, Zoom:1

Map of Ml 2.0, NEVADA earthquake, zoom:3

Ml 2.0, NEVADA
Lat:38.18 °N ,Lon:-117.79 °W, Zoom:3

Map of Ml 2.0, NEVADA earthquake, zoom:5

Ml 2.0, NEVADA
Lat:38.18 °N ,Lon:-117.79 °W, Zoom:5

Map of Ml 2.0, NEVADA earthquake, zoom:7

Ml 2.0, NEVADA
Lat:38.18 °N ,Lon:-117.79 °W, Zoom:7

# City Code Country Direction from epicenter Region Distance from epicenter
1MinaNVUnited States United StatesNorth-WestNevada36.52 km
2LuningNVUnited States United StatesNorth-WestNevada46.14 km
3SilverpeakNVUnited States United StatesSouthNevada49.19 km
4GoldfieldNVUnited States United StatesSouth-EastNevada56.46 km
5DyerNVUnited States United StatesSouth-WestNevada61.45 km
6GabbsNVUnited States United StatesNorthNevada70.52 km
7ManhattanNVUnited States United StatesNorth-EastNevada74.34 km
8Round MountainNVUnited States United StatesNorth-EastNevada86.24 km
9BentonCAUnited States United StatesSouth-WestCalifornia86.96 km
10HawthorneNVUnited States United StatesNorth-WestNevada90.80 km
11Big PineCAUnited States United StatesSouthCalifornia99.85 km
12BishopCAUnited States United StatesSouth-WestCalifornia99.93 km
13Lee ViningCAUnited States United StatesWestCalifornia104.57 km
14Mammoth LakesCAUnited States United StatesSouth-WestCalifornia114.15 km
15SchurzNVUnited States United StatesNorth-WestNevada116.23 km
16Mammoth MountainCAUnited States United StatesSouth-WestCalifornia119.25 km
17June LakeCAUnited States United StatesWestCalifornia119.60 km
18BridgeportCAUnited States United StatesWestCalifornia137.06 km
19YeringtonNVUnited States United StatesNorth-WestNevada137.69 km
20TonopahNVUnited States United StatesEastNevada139.88 km
21IndependenceCAUnited States United StatesSouthCalifornia140.01 km
22Mono Hot SpringsCAUnited States United StatesSouth-WestCalifornia143.65 km
23WellingtonNVUnited States United StatesNorth-WestNevada149.62 km
24ColevilleCAUnited States United StatesWestCalifornia151.37 km
25Shaver LakeCAUnited States United StatesSouth-WestCalifornia152.39 km
26OakhurstCAUnited States United StatesSouth-WestCalifornia156.25 km
27SmithNVUnited States United StatesNorth-WestNevada158.99 km
28LakeshoreCAUnited States United StatesSouth-WestCalifornia159.50 km
29Amargosa ValleyNVUnited States United StatesSouth-EastNevada159.72 km
30TopazCAUnited States United StatesWestCalifornia161.59 km
31FallonNVUnited States United StatesNorth-WestNevada163.80 km
32Yosemite VillageCAUnited States United StatesWestCalifornia165.63 km
33Big CreekCAUnited States United StatesSouth-WestCalifornia167.52 km
34BeattyNVUnited States United StatesSouth-EastNevada167.88 km
35GardnervilleNVUnited States United StatesNorth-WestNevada169.81 km
36Yosemite National ParkCAUnited States United StatesWestCalifornia171.43 km
37Kings Canyon National PkCAUnited States United StatesSouth-WestCalifornia172.89 km
38Lone PineCAUnited States United StatesSouthCalifornia177.36 km
39North ForkCAUnited States United StatesSouth-WestCalifornia177.44 km
40MindenNVUnited States United StatesNorth-WestNevada178.41 km
41DardanelleCAUnited States United StatesWestCalifornia179.27 km
42Bass LakeCAUnited States United StatesSouth-WestCalifornia179.38 km
43PinecrestCAUnited States United StatesWestCalifornia179.67 km
44Fish CampCAUnited States United StatesSouth-WestCalifornia181.55 km
45AustinNVUnited States United StatesNorthNevada183.93 km
46MatherCAUnited States United StatesWestCalifornia183.95 km
47HumeCAUnited States United StatesSouth-WestCalifornia184.06 km
48WishonCAUnited States United StatesSouth-WestCalifornia184.55 km
49Silver SpringsNVUnited States United StatesNorth-WestNevada186.15 km
50MarkleevilleCAUnited States United StatesWestCalifornia187.00 km
51El PortalCAUnited States United StatesWestCalifornia188.75 km
Pref Time Source catalog Auth Rms Lat Lon Azimut Smajor Antype Loctype Sminor Maxdist Mags Gap Source Mindist Stime Evtype Ndef Depth Nsta
2022-01-29T04:43:13.2ZEMSC-RTSNN0.1338.18-117.79mi2.29ml 2.0, nsta:892ZWESB0.12ke29920
2022-01-29T04:43:12.0ZEMSC-RTSNN0.238.19-117.79ai2.21ml 2.3, nsta:13112ZVXKZ0.13kn231123
Sta Datetime Evaz Detchar Direction Slow Dist Timeres Adef Picktype Snr Amp Phase Sdef Azim Azres Id Sres Tdef

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