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Magnitude Ml 3.3 earthquake strikes NEVADA. The quake was at a depth of 8 km (5 miles).

Sat 29, 2022, 07:03:15 UTC - World Earthquakes Live

A minor shallow-focus earthquake of Ml 3.3 struck NEVADA region, on Saturday, at a depth of 8 km (5 miles), the World Earthquakes said.

The earthquake was located at the latitude of 40.28 °N and longitude of -117.76 °W.

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Map of Ml 3.3, NEVADA earthquake, zoom:1

Ml 3.3, NEVADA
Lat:40.28 °N ,Lon:-117.76 °W, Zoom:1

Map of Ml 3.3, NEVADA earthquake, zoom:3

Ml 3.3, NEVADA
Lat:40.28 °N ,Lon:-117.76 °W, Zoom:3

Map of Ml 3.3, NEVADA earthquake, zoom:5

Ml 3.3, NEVADA
Lat:40.28 °N ,Lon:-117.76 °W, Zoom:5

Map of Ml 3.3, NEVADA earthquake, zoom:7

Ml 3.3, NEVADA
Lat:40.28 °N ,Lon:-117.76 °W, Zoom:7

# City Code Country Direction from epicenter Region Distance from epicenter
1ImlayNVUnited States United StatesNorth-WestNevada40.42 km
2LovelockNVUnited States United StatesWestNevada74.06 km
3ValmyNVUnited States United StatesNorth-EastNevada78.25 km
4AustinNVUnited States United StatesSouth-EastNevada83.07 km
5Battle MountainNVUnited States United StatesNorth-EastNevada86.58 km
6WinnemuccaNVUnited States United StatesNorthNevada87.75 km
7GolcondaNVUnited States United StatesNorth-EastNevada90.49 km
8FallonNVUnited States United StatesSouth-WestNevada107.72 km
9Crescent ValleyNVUnited States United StatesEastNevada119.81 km
10TuscaroraNVUnited States United StatesNorth-EastNevada131.28 km
11FernleyNVUnited States United StatesSouth-WestNevada141.58 km
12WadsworthNVUnited States United StatesSouth-WestNevada141.71 km
13NixonNVUnited States United StatesWestNevada146.48 km
14EurekaNVUnited States United StatesSouth-EastNevada151.34 km
15CarlinNVUnited States United StatesEastNevada151.96 km
16Paradise ValleyNVUnited States United StatesNorthNevada157.87 km
17Silver SpringsNVUnited States United StatesSouth-WestNevada161.95 km
18GabbsNVUnited States United StatesSouthNevada164.55 km
19OrovadaNVUnited States United StatesNorthNevada164.83 km
20SchurzNVUnited States United StatesSouth-WestNevada166.59 km
21EmpireNVUnited States United StatesWestNevada167.39 km
22Round MountainNVUnited States United StatesSouthNevada169.00 km
23DenioNVUnited States United StatesNorth-WestNevada171.06 km
24Virginia CityNVUnited States United StatesSouth-WestNevada172.55 km
25ElkoNVUnited States United StatesEastNevada181.80 km
26DaytonNVUnited States United StatesSouth-WestNevada184.70 km
27SparksNVUnited States United StatesSouth-WestNevada185.55 km
28Spring CreekNVUnited States United StatesEastNevada186.31 km
29Sun ValleyNVUnited States United StatesSouth-WestNevada187.39 km
30GerlachNVUnited States United StatesNorth-WestNevada188.31 km
31Mountain CityNVUnited States United StatesNorth-EastNevada188.47 km
32Mc DermittNVUnited States United StatesNorthNevada189.33 km
33RenoNVUnited States United StatesSouth-WestNevada192.75 km
34YeringtonNVUnited States United StatesSouth-WestNevada193.43 km
35Silver CityNVUnited States United StatesSouth-WestNevada196.42 km
36HawthorneNVUnited States United StatesSouth-WestNevada198.66 km
37SmithNVUnited States United StatesSouth-WestNevada199.79 km
38ManhattanNVUnited States United StatesSouthNevada202.72 km
39Washoe ValleyNVUnited States United StatesSouth-WestNevada204.92 km
40MindenNVUnited States United StatesSouth-WestNevada209.86 km
41MinaNVUnited States United StatesSouthNevada212.72 km
42LuningNVUnited States United StatesSouthNevada213.17 km
43Carson CityNVUnited States United StatesSouth-WestNevada214.43 km
44WellingtonNVUnited States United StatesSouth-WestNevada216.72 km
45GardnervilleNVUnited States United StatesSouth-WestNevada226.58 km
46OwyheeNVUnited States United StatesNorth-EastNevada231.86 km
47FieldsORUnited States United StatesNorthOregon233.61 km
48TonopahNVUnited States United StatesSouth-EastNevada238.85 km
49TopazCAUnited States United StatesSouth-WestCalifornia239.69 km
50ColevilleCAUnited States United StatesSouth-WestCalifornia250.22 km
51Jordan ValleyORUnited States United StatesNorthOregon258.03 km
Pref Time Source catalog Auth Rms Lat Lon Azimut Smajor Antype Loctype Sminor Maxdist Mags Gap Source Mindist Stime Evtype Ndef Depth Nsta
2022-01-29T07:03:15.4ZEMSC-RTSNN0.1540.28-117.76mi4.11ml 3.3, nsta:9129ZVXUE0.43ke17812
2022-01-29T07:03:13.1ZEMSC-RTSNN0.3640.26-117.82ai4.17ml 3.0, nsta:15129ZVXTJ1.23kn21021
2022-01-29T07:03:13.4ZEMSC-RTSNEIC0.4340.28-117.76miml 2.9, nsta:92119ZVXTO0.44kn376
2022-01-29T07:03:13.4ZEMSC-RTSNEIC0.4340.28-117.76mi82.73ml 2.9, nsta:9249ZVXTP0.44kn58656
2022-01-29T07:03:15.5ZEMSC-RTSNN0.1840.27-117.74mi4.12ml 3.0, nsta:4128ZVXTW0.43kn987
Sta Datetime Evaz Detchar Direction Slow Dist Timeres Adef Picktype Snr Amp Phase Sdef Azim Azres Id Sres Tdef

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